PYM Serisi Döner Sepetli Yıkama Makineleri
PWM Series Circulating Basket Washing Machine
KBN Serisi Döner Sepetli Yıkama Makineleri
KBN Series Circulating Basket Part Washing Machines
VDL Serisi Tambur Tip Parça Yıkama Makineleri
VLD Series Barrel Type Part Washing Machines

RTS Serisi Rotasyon Tip Parça Yıkama Makineleri
RTS Rotation Type Washing Machines
ULT Serisi Ultrasonik Tip Parça Yıkama Makineleri
ULT Series Ultrasonic Medical Part Washing Machine
KNV Serisi Tünel Tip Parça Yıkama Makineleri
KNV Series Belt Tunnel Washing Machines


Because; Become a master with twenty five yaers of production only washing machines, from 1 to 1500 bar spraying with ultrasonic technology.

Quality and Longevity

Because; Combining expertness and experiences to serve by producing the top quality machines with optimum price as a technological company.

Broad and Effective Service Network

Sale and service network in more than 20 country along with Turkey .


Part Washing Machine

CNK was founded in 1976. After first production of washing machine in 1985 stepped into the business, in 2001 preparing the necessary substructure in 5000 m2 production area attracted foreign market and started Industrial Part Washing Machine production. From the first day, it has become a model in part washing machines business (by having ISO 9001 and CE documents) and aimed the high-level quality.

40 year of machine production experince, standart and special washing machines for spray washing; engine/block washing machines for soaking and ultrasonic washing machine productions; pickling machines; ultrasonic washing machines; screw with fasteners washing machines; auto spare parts washing machines; plane, ship, train and locomotive parts washing machines, become the leader company in Turkey. CNK will continue its modern and innovator manner of rule in today and future. It is giving confidence by service quality and folloving modern technology for its clients . Moreover CNK is giving value to its workers and partners aslo dynamic for the demands. Along with quality a and trust it is exporting more than 20 country and it will.