Application Area

Application Area

Auto Service Industry

Industrial part washing machines used at most in this business. In all technical services, vehicle repair shops, business filter units;

  • Engine block and engine parts,
  • Digital and axis parts,
  • Cylinder head and pistons,
  • Gear and gear cases,
  • filter, ball and roller bearing cleaning, oil and grease and also for swarf removal employed PART WASHING MACHINES.

Screw, Ring Nut and Attaching Parts Industry

Very small parts that are not proper in basket washing employed to remove burr and oil.

  • Screw,
  • Ring nut,
  • Nuzzle,
  • Sleeve,

And parts like fittings employed it to wash

Defence Industry and Aero

Used in plane, tank and military supplies parts washing before revision or after production.
Also washing machines are employed all kind of military supplies and weapon production to remove oil and swarf.

Plating and Metalworking

It is employed generally for the removal of oil, swarf or surface clening of mass production parts, also surface preparation prior to painting. Washing, rust removal, phosphating and rust protection oparations are handled without manuel interference.

Engineering Vehicles

Another common usage of industrail washing machines field is engineering vehicles.
PART WASHING MACHINES are used in all engines, gearbox and gear case of engineering vehicles, hydraulic valves and parts, control system and carrier structure washings

Industrial Plants

During the maintenance and repair of all compenents of industrial plats, all these compenents are washed and oil- grease removed. Also big size bearings and bodies are washed by the machines.


Highly sensitive and complex meadical surgery device washing can be done in a few seconds and without manuel interference.

Manifacturing Sector

Used in cleaning of parts of auto, white goods and weapon industry are produced with swarf and dirt