KNV Series Belt Tunnel Washing Machines


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  •  Aynı suyu defalarca kullanma özelliği sağlar
  •  Kapalı çevrim çalışan cihazımız max. Enerji ve su tasarrufu sağlar
  •  Yükleme ve boşaltma haricinde tüm işlemleri otomatik olarak yapar




Belt Tunnel Washing Machines


CONVEYOR BELT TUNNEL WASHING MACHINES, Parts are cleaned, rust removed, rinsed, phosphatized and dryed in conveyor bent tunnel washing machines, all these applications are nonmanuel. When the parts are moved into the machine, they exposed all these operations and moved out. These conveyor bants are 304 or 316 quality stanless steel components. Speed of the conveyor is controlled digitally. Circulation pumps are very good degisned parts.
Heating system can be optianlly electric, cell cored or burner-operated. Isolation is very sensitively handled for the energy saving. PLC containing systems can be controlled from operation panel. Our all machines contain automatic water feeding and liquid level control systems.



Oil and swarf removal from mass production parts and surface cleaning or surface preparation prior to painting.
• Auto Industry
• Plating Industry
• Defence Industry
• Electronic Industry
• Food Industry
• Metalworking Industry.

Standart features

• Stainless Steel Body
• Stainless Steel Pump
• Heat Control
• Sensitive Filtration
• Vapour Discharge Unit
• Speed Control
• Emergency Stop Button
• Heat Isolation.



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